Life Lesson #1: Maintain Your Spiritual Health

Maintain your spiritual health with these following tips.


Baumwolle Tips!

In German, the word for cotton is “Baumwolle”. In the month and a half that I've lived in this country, I have been reduced to baumwolle. Trying to learn German often leaves my head at the end of the day feeling as though my friends and family have all run out of bags and the [...]

Booj’s First Haul

Booj’s First Haul

Hey all! Boojie Bee here~ This haul has been a long time coming! I actually purchased these items back in February and have been using them since. I hadn’t written any reviews because I really wanted to give my skin and the products some time to get acclimated to each other. This haul is a [...]

I moved to Germany!

I moved to Germany! “What?! Why?!”, you ask. For three reasons: The family. The need. The experience. While I have lived in the United States for approximately all my life, I have been to Germany multiple times throughout my youth. “When?” You ask. “You were barely born a few days ago.” That’s an accurate observation, [...]