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My best friend (left) and I (right). We were outside the San Francisco Intl Airport the day I was moving to Germany!

I’m from the United States, but I live in Germany. I spend my time learning  Farsi to preach in the local territory. I am currently serving in the Farsi group in my local congregation.  Feel free to send me a message here.

Moving to serve where the need is great has always been one of my spiritual goals! And like every other person I created this image in mind of what I thought it would be like. Reality, on the other hand, hitched a ride in my luggage and went unnoticed for the entire 13-hour flight from SF to Hamburg.

So with this blog, I’m going to be sharing with you the ups and downs of this adventure! Some realistic insight into what it means to “move where the need is great” And my hope is that from my experience you too will be encouraged to make a similar decision! And perhaps learn from some of my mistakes along the way.

Or maybe you are just curious and wish to peruse.. then please peruse to your hearts’ delight. Perhaps you’ll find a comfy corner where you can curl up & we can laugh together over my many mistakes. I mean many mistakes.

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