Biting Peoples Heads Off & You

It’s bound to happen. Let’s call it the “New You Blues”, because you have to find yourself in an new territory. That’s hard and has often left many feeling down and out over their circumstances.

Many friends told me before I moved, “Emma are you sure you want to go through with this? It’s gonna be hard..” But they never ELABORATED on how it would be hard.

Which makes sense, they’ve never experienced something like this, so as someone who’s experienced moving to another country where your language isn’t being widely spoken let me tell you how its hard.

  1. There are days when you are overwhelmed,
  2. You feel ghastly alone ready to cry at a moments notice regardless of you being surrounded by people,
  3. and at the same time ready to explode on someone should they ask a wrong thing. 
  4. Things don’t happen the way you planned and envisioned, which leaves you wondering if you made the right decision, and if all those friends who told you not to move.. were right. 

I have a friend who’s just moved to Thailand. She arrived a little over two months ago, and the “New You Blues” has begun to hit her. Right on time.

To hear her also struggling with learning a new language, and trying to find friends and her place in that little corner of the world.. it was comforting to know that I’m not the only one experiencing the “New You Blues”.

So find solace in the fact that you’re not alone, maybe right now you kind of hate your territory, you don’t seem to click yet in the new congregation, and this language you’re learning.. kind of sucks. It’s normal. With prayer and with time, it’ll come along.

One thing I will say, it’s important that you HAVE REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS. Don’t rush the process or expect more from yourself than what you should. You can’t expect yourself to learn the language in 1 month, or even 6 months. Unless you’re taking classes to learn the language just try your best and make sure you’re being kind to yourself.

There are of course many Bible principles that apply to this topic, but two that have helped me immensely are taken from Isaiah 30:15 and Matthew 6:27.

Isaiah 30:15 states, “Your strength will be in keeping calm and showing trust.”

Days where you feel ready to fall apart, or perhaps just depressed. That’s okay! Cry, moan, punch your pillow… and then take out your Bible & read and reflect on why you’re doing this in the first place. Allow yourself to lose your cool for a moment, but then force yourself to meditate on what Jehovah promises for you and for your future.

Think of what Matthew 6:27 says, “Who of you by being anxious can add one cubit to his life span?”

Don’t worry needlessly, it’s a really a waste of time. Scream all your troubles into your pillow, wipe your mouth, say a prayer & then move on.

Hope that was helpful, let me know, for now ciao!


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