Do you need help learning vocab?

Hello hello, I come to you today with my tried & true method for vocabulary memorization.

I have been using this app since the beginning of high school so about 5 years now and to be quite honest, it is the reason I was able to graduate from high school. (I’ve included the links to android store and apple app store at the end of the article).

Noted Features of the App:

  • There are an unlimited amount of flashcards.
  • Each set of flashcards can be transformed into a customizable test.
    • The really awesome part is that you can even customize the test itself. The choices are multiple choice, matching, true/false, or written. You can have all of them or only the ones you want.
  • Each set of flashcards can be transformed into customizable games tailored to help with memorization of vocabulary. (THE GAMES ARE FUN AND IF YOU’RE COMPETITIVE YOU WILL LIKE THEM!!!)
  • You can use pictures rather than words.
  • There are two separate functions specifically geared for memorization
    • the “Write” feature allows you to fill in the missing blank side of a flashcard of your choice.
      • For example: it would show the word “hablar” and you would have to write in “to talk” and visa versa.
    • The “Learn” feature gives you questions in the form of written questions, flashcards, and multiple choice questions.
    • The really cool thing about both of these features is that when you get an answer wrong it keeps track and helps you to focus on those words.

For all of these audio is included, although I will note for some languages audio isn’t included yet.

Another awesome thing about Quizlet, is that if you type into the search bar for example “Farsi Alphabet” you will most likely find that someone has already created that set of flashcards. You can then save their set in your library, and use it!

You are ALSO able to share your set of flashcards by text with others, the link would either take them to the app or prompt them to download it.


  • You’re unable to access it without wifi or cellular data

But in our modern society that is hardly ever an issue any more, so for some this con doesn’t even count.

Anyways that’s all I have for you guys today!

Please comment down below if there have been any apps or other resources really helpful to your language learning journey! Or if you have any experience with using this app, till next time!


P.S. heres the link to download the app, apple store or android store.

PC: The logo is not my own, it is taken from Quizlet.


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