Where To Buy Curly Girl Products in Germany

You don’t!

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the preamble

People often ask me if I miss America. My honest answer is no.

I don’t miss the smokey air, people with road rage or the apathy you’re often met with from pretty much the entire population. And high gas prices. I really don’t miss that, even though technically I don’t have a car now so it doesn’t matter to me. I digress!

But I do miss their curly girl products!

SHEA MOISTURE, MISS JESSIE’S CURLS, DEVA CURL, ETC ETC. My heart quivers and breaks a bit as I type this to you. Say goodbye my fellow Curlies, for these products are not to be found. Or at least not by me so far!

The only products I have found in my local grocery store is Cantu.

I was never a huge fan of Cantu in America, but Cantu is the only reason people recognize my hair as curly and not a fro. I’m not even trying to exaggerate but the frizz game has been real!

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Cantu still isn’t my first choice despite it coming in clutch these past three months. So I’ve resorted to ordering off of Amazon, which is something I never had to do in because I was blessed with Target and Miss Sally’s Beauty Supply in America. I am NOT a fan of the shipping cost or customs, it doubles the amount of the order every time, always $30+. *this next part is said with the tone of an elder man from New Jersey* GOTTA DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO.


Stock up on your favorite products.

I’m not the type to splurge my money when it comes to luxury items, but as a CG, the proper shampoo’s, conditioners, deep conditioners, curl milk, oils, and moisturizers are not a luxury items… they’re a necessity. The way everyone needs socks & soap, every CG needs her hair products. I’m representing God and his righteous standards so I need to take care of myself accordingly!

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If you have found curly hair products in Germany please comment down below which shops, which town it was in and the cost! Thanks so much for your support, I wish you voluminous and curl defining days!



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