The Big Bang Theory & You


Something in my tiny 19 year old heart, with every pump of blood, loathes this word with the kind of emotion that you only feel on laundry day, the one day you have off from work and service… you could rest and relax… but there’s laundry… so it’s that kind of emotion.   

I don’t write this to you from an enlightened and elevated position of consciousness and rediscovery.

Let’s be real guys, my routine hasn’t suddenly transformed into some DIY-get-your-life-right sort of tutorial, nor am I now able to access my true inner potential and squeeze all the juice out of it to access my maximum potential.

This topic comes from a “my life’s a mess” perspective. Because well that’s realistic. And the entire theme of this blog, a realistic portrayal of moving abroad.

“Girl, your life ain’t a mess, you got a bed, a fridge full of food and two dogs who won’t stop licking your feet. What about that is messy?”

Well, Debra, if you must know, I am talking mental block messy.. so here’s my tip for all you people with wonderful potential!!!!


100 pennies make a dollar, 26,640,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 drops of water make the ocean, there’s an average amount of 40 million strands of fur on your cat. That’s a whole lot of cat, and it didn’t grow overnight.. well it did but the point is it took time.

In America, I was a major Netflix binger, and admittedly I still am. (Hands up if you feel me, I mean The Big Bang Theory wasn’t going to watch itself. Hey, fellas in the back, I know you heard me, get those hands up!) We are all guilty of visiting the procrastination station a little more than we should!


This is a trap, a very sly one that Satan has set up so we’re not using our time wisely.

Hours spent scrolling through the explore page on Instagram, the amount of videos watched on Youtube, I mean there is an endless amount of documentaries on there… endless. It’s basically an abyss!

Those thirty minutes you spent watching another documentary on 16 & Pregnant in Britain, could’ve been spent on memorizing five new words from a language group you want to support. Or that time you spent watching 16 episodes of The Big Bang Theory could’ve been spent with some more in depth preparation for your next day out in field service.

Again, this is written from a “my life is messy” perspective!! So I’m not saying every free moment your day should be spent in pursuit of spiritual knowledge, there is such a word as balance.

But take the time to notice, where most of your free time ends up. That’s where we can see where your priorities lie.

I don’t think I will ever not be a binge watcher of wonderfully witty and insightful tv shows. Sherlock, round three coming up baby.

But I am working on splitting up my time a little more evenly. At times, I’ll just delete Instagram and Youtube off my phone entirely. Just to give myself more options during the day of ways to spend my time. You’d be surprised by how liberating that can be.

Sing it with me y’all, A WHOLE NEW WORLD!!

SELF DISCIPLINE: means getting up off the couch and picking up that language book you’ve been avoiding because it would mean using mental power.

SELF DISCIPLINE: means closing the social media apps and opening up JW Library to prepare for your next day in field service.

SELF DISCIPLINE: in a modern world means only watching 5 Big Bang Theory episodes, turning it off and then doing some meaningful personal study or perhaps preparing for the next meeting.. even if its days away… the sooner you start the more time you have to meditate. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

If you have a goal to serve Jehovah more fully, and you’re a youth growing up in the 20th century. One of the biggest challenges this world poses is MENTAL BLOCK.

So right now, while you’re stuck at home practice putting your priorities in the right order and then actually trying to see them through. Do it now so when you do have a chance to serve more fully you’re more likely to succeed! The best way to show you mean what you say is to follow through with action, even 5-10 minutes a day can slowly have a big impact. Especially when its done prayerfully and from the heart.

Comment down below if you have had a similar struggle, I want to know what you guys think about social media’s effect on our society today, especially the youth… How do you personally deal with those day to day struggles?

Thanks for reading and lots of love always,

your Christian sister, Booj.



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