I write this post to you kind of late- as soon as I got my visa, I started my job. So I haven’t had much time alone to think of how I want to convey my excitement!

Excitement is an understatement. The feeling that continuously courses through my body whenever I think of actually being allowed to live in Germany…. it can only be described as renewed trust & contentment.

That feeling of when you’re shoulder deep in the ocean and its cold. You continue to wade deeper, unsure of what awaits you ahead and below the surface. THEN, you find a warm current. Suddenly everything in the world is alright again. And not the yellow kind of warm current.

For example, the day that I received my Visa, I was so happy I didn’t know how to express it! So I did it the best way I know how.. later that night, under the cover of the night, when I was walking my dogs I walked the way you would imagine MC Hammer would when walking his dogs. I dance walked is the picture I’m trying to convey. The funny part is that I was so happy and filled with glee, I didn’t actually notice my distorted gait until we got to the last part of our walk that I wasn’t just dancing in my head. I was actually dancing.

In America, this sort of behavior is more common, but in Germany… well let’s just say I’m glad the moon was out cause if German people had seen me, I don’t think I would’ve been able to write this to you. In other words, they would’ve had me arrested.

Spoiler alert: You’re gonna need your German accent for these next few sentences.

“Oh ja, hallo, I would like to report a suspicious person with two dogs doing a mean jig walking down my street… No officer she’s not harming anyone, she just looks weird. Ja I also think she is American. Ja ja kein problem.. see you in a few minutes.”

To have this opportunity is an actual dream come true, it’s just funny how dreams must often collide with reality.

I hope you’re all well and achieving your spiritual goals!! Much love, Booj~

Here are a few pictures of the past week:

Processed with VSCO with dog3 preset
Immediately after receiving my VISA a brother took me out for my first currywurst!
Out in English service doing street witnessing!
After another awesome English meeting, we exited the Kingdom Hall to discover the beautiful weather. Sweater Weather!

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