The Egg That Was Chosen by Chance

A poem, written by me. 

Do you ever just look at someone & feel the strongest wave of appreciation for them?

That despite all the hardships + uncomfortable truths, you are still thankful.

That this person just happened to be the one who ended up in your life. Or you just happened to end up in theirs.

Despite all odds. 

Another egg could’ve been chosen.

Their mother or father could’ve died one day suddenly before this person, your person, would’ve been born yet.

And yet none of this happened.

His or her’s egg was chosen.

Their parents lived long enough to bring them into this world… And here you are.

That’s my grandmother for me.

Explanation Time:

Being in Germany has given me time to spend with my grandmother, time I so seldom had before. What, every year or so I got to spend a summer with her. But that’s not enough when you’re too young to notice anyone outside your bubble. She’s not in the truth, and I’ve come to accept the fact that she’s very devoted to her faith. Yet, I’m still very grateful that I got to experience having her for a grandmother, however long this experience shall last. She’s taught me an important lesson with her conduct, unselfish love & selflessness. It feels nice to receive, but it feels even better to give.

Another important aspect of being a human we must all learn I think, is to appreciate those around us & to try and find the small moments to show them. 100 pennies make a dollar, yo.

Long story short, Modar, if you’re reading this… I doubt you are because you don’t know how to work the internet but its more romantic and poetic if I address this to you… Modar, if you’re reading this. Thank you and I love you.


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