Moments Captured That Have Made This Trip Worthwhile

After a splendid dinner with sister on the right, the good ole selfie to the rescue.
The M sisters @ the English Assembly
Service during the Circuit Overseers week.
The beginning of something wonderful. And yes it has to do with food.
Cold day in service and then go home to make a mystery dessert… from scratch!
Just Heavenly.
The Watchdog of the Aforesaid mystery dessert.
The Finished Product; a Pear Tart.
A wonderful couple beautifully in love and serving Jehovah together. The dream is still alive, folks!
Finally receiving our stuff from America in the Shipping Container.
Discovering new paths with new friends.
My first day in cart service in Germany!
This was just an awesome day! Good friends, good service day in English service, GREAT food!
At my first German Assembly
Silly friends make everything better :9
The cute friends in my Hall at the German Assembly.
The best moments… alone with Jehovah’s word & food.
After a faith strengthening assembly, a close friend and I reflect on our lives. I call this Sick & Lost in Space.
English Assembly in Berlin with the M Family
After a successful service day!

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