Is Faith a Multifaceted Gem?

“Faith is the assured expectation of what is hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities that are not seen.” -Hebrews 11:1

“Trust in Jehovah with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding.” -Proverbs 3:5

Is it possible that I experienced and exerted a different type of faith in America? That’s almost to suggest that with each new chapter in life, there is to be a routine software update to one’s faith. 

Since this is only Chapter 4 of my life, I’d suppose this must be my 4th or 5th update… Hmmm. 

Can there be multiple sides to faith?

In California, I needed faith when deciding not to attend University and instead pursue a spiritual career. Faith that was based off of Jehovah’s promises contained in Ecclesiastes 12:1Matthew 6:33. Faith was required in times when the income didn’t match the bills.  I became familiar with these aspects of faith. 

But I’ve discovered a surprise! The older you become!! The more aware of your surroundings you become!!! The more conscious you become of your thinking habits and habits in general!!!! You start to recognize the connections between these and your faith and trust in Jehovah!!!!!!!!!!!

Emma, you’re doing that thing where you talk in all exclamations without explaining properly what you mean… please explain. 


My friend and I were discussing the odds of one of us preaching where the work is under ban…. and we were wondering whether we would be able to endure life threatening situations for Jehovah’s name.

Which really put a face to a nagging thought that’s been running through my mind lately… Do not mistake this for a metaphor, I mean running! It runs straight in and runs right back out! I’ve been unable to get a proper look at who it is and what they want!

Back to the topic at hand.

Faith like that of Abraham, Daniel or Noah wasn’t built in one day. Nor was it built easily, I’m sure. It took a lot of time, effort and communication with our Heavenly Father.

But more than that, I’m sure the faith they developed in the very beginning, was a very different faith from the one they had by the time they died.

We know Jehovah only gives us trials he deems us strong enough to handle. And that too he provides the way out so that we are able to endure it. (1 Corinthians 10:13)

This means that when we first learned about Jehovah and his laws, the trials and tests Satan was allowed to throw at us tested our faith in smaller quantities. (Does that make sense??? Is faith quantifiable??)

But as we grew in our relationship with Jehovah and as we aged, our perspective changed. With each new trial, although they were seemingly similar in principle, they seemed to require more faith.

There comes a moment during a trial when you feel as though you’re running through a maze, unsure what is the correct way out. You may be the girl who tries to remain calm…. or maybe you’re the gal who loses it easily. Pulls out all her hair, and when she looks down, she sees her hair spell out the words CALM DOWN…

Whatever type of chick you are, when running through that maze there comes a moment of sudden realization. That for the past 30 minutes, you have been stressing and envisioning the worst. It hits you that this is an opportunity to show faith in Jehovah. That all this time what seemed like a nightmare and looked like the end of the world, was really just another cleverly disguised test of your faith, designed by the Father of the Lie himself.

Or at least that’s how I’ve been experiencing faith strengthening trials… to each his own, I suppose.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that with every chapter of our lives, with every new test and trial I’m becoming increasingly aware that our trust and faith in Jehovah is being tested in new ways.

This quality no longer seems one dimensional but rather like a gem that every time you look at it you discover a new side…

I feel myself often become scared with each new corner that life brings, scared that I may be tricked into losing faith in my God.

I can only pray for more faith, endurance and wisdom so that I can make it through this system and hopefully make it to the other side… with you guys.

Thanks for reading, and as my new favorite saying says, Jehovah’s blessings. Liebe große.


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