Life Lesson #1: Maintain Your Spiritual Health

I know what you’re thinking, the words “no duh” are practically scrolled across your forehead right now as you read this. And yes I can see you as you read this, because why not.

Maintaining your spiritual health while living abroad is obviously a no-brainer but you would be surprised how draining this can be at times.

When I moved here, my mother and I decided to become a part of the local German congregation.

The reasons? Irrelevant, that is a tale for another Fall day. Read on, I ask you.

Within the first two months, I could feel how spiritually tired I had become. I was keeping up my spiritual routine but this was the first time I had completely cold turkey-ed going to the meetings in English.

So I had the chance to go to an English meeting and when I arrived and heard the public talk in my mother tongue… try and imagine words flowing into your ears as water would through a river that had suffered a drought for a hundred years.

My heart felt as such. Like I had just had a drink of water after waiting many days and nights unaware that I was even thirsty.

Long story short?

Tip: Attend at least 3-4, meetings in your mother tongue, each month.

You can’t be much help to others if you can’t even help yourself. Hearing the comments in your own language adds to whatever spiritual treasures you found during your personal study. It’s like taking a walk through a forest.. when by yourself there may be many hidden beauties that you find along that path. But imagine the next time you go, you take a friend. This friend of your’s is a little taller, or a little shorter. Or maybe his glasses are a little stronger. This friend manages to find hidden pathways and treasure coves you didn’t even notice when you ventured alone! It’s the same with our bible study!

Points are brought up from a perspective you didn’t think possible; a comment may be given that is the exact amount of encouragement you need. Perhaps a scripture will be read or pointed out that is new to you and the explanation might as well be from God himself.

Give yourself an opportunity to succeed by maintaining your spiritual health.

A few more quick tips:

  • Maintain a highly interactive & personal spiritual routine! Give Jehovah a chance to spiritually refresh your mind & spirit! You wouldn’t stop drinking water just because you moved to another country, would you? No! It’s vital! Even if you were busy you would still find time to gulp down a cold refreshing glass of H2O, this is exactly the same. Help Jehovah, help you.
  • Do try and continue participating in service in your own tongue! While you’re learning a new tongue, it’s good to continue preaching in your mother tongue to keep your teaching skills nice and sharp! like a two-edged sword, hee hee see what I did there?

Thank you for reading and please leave a comment down below on your favorite Bible Book & why. I’m interested to know!

P.S. My favorite books are pretty much all the ones written by the Apostle Paul, but especially the books of Corinthians… and Romans… and James(that wasn’t written by Paul)… and Psalms but that’s no surprise everyone likes Psalms!



One thought on “Life Lesson #1: Maintain Your Spiritual Health

  1. Yes, you definitely need encouragement in your mother tongue جبان مادری !
    I think my favorite books are Isaiah and John. My favorite scripture is Is. 32:2 and love the picture we get of Jesus through John’s loving eyes.

    Liked by 1 person

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