Baumwolle Tips!

In German, the word for cotton is “Baumwolle”. In the month and a half that I’ve lived in this country, I have been reduced to baumwolle.

Trying to learn German often leaves my head at the end of the day feeling as though my friends and family have all run out of bags and the space usually occupied by my brain,   is now being used to store their cotton.

Not that I am complaining, this is a mere observation of what happens when you try to fully assimilate yourself into a new country. Expect the first few months to be spent with a slight headache.

Now my condition may be worse since there are days that I attempt to learn two languages. For the most part, though, I have focused my efforts on German. More for my sanity than any other reason.

A TIP FOR LEARNING ANOTHER LANGUAGE: Try to go out in service with those who speak very little of your language. Or perhaps they speak it but are not fluent enough to only speak that language with you.

One two separate occasions thus far, I’ve gone in service with 2 different sisters who ONLY spoke German, and there was no one with us to assist with translating.

Naturally at the end of our adventure together I left the scene grateful for having a bed that I could lay my throbbing head. But I’ve also increased my vocabulary and learned some life lessons. In German might, I add.

This is all for my latest update on my language learning adventure!

Until next time, toodle-oo.


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