Fallen short expectations & more.

When I moved here I had the intention of teaching English online and spending most of my time in service. But both of these goals have fallen short.


Well in regards to service the Kingdom Hall is too far from my house to bike or walk. In America its normal during the week and most weekends to go down to the local Kingdom Hall for the service meeting. If you don’t have plans yet, fear not for you can make plans there. Unfortunately, this is not so in Deutschland. During the weekly meetings its common to see sisters, looking to make service plans with their calendars open, pens in battle position walking around the Kingdom Hall.

Naturally, after making friends in the congregation though I’ve been able to go out in service, it simply wasn’t how I imagined it. Or how much I imagined. Things rarely happen the way we imagine, this seems to be a major theme of this adventure.

The view driving to the local Assembly Hall.

Teaching English Online.

This has fallen short since I haven’t had much luck with finding work online. But I’m not giving up. I will admit it was very discouraging to get rejected so many times. However in the meantime, while I am continuously applying for online jobs I have also applied for a McDonalds that’s not too far from where I live. It’s within walking distance.  The downfall is that since Germany is the land of Paper, meaning they love paperwork, I have been sitting on my hands waiting for the government to approve my request to work. Once I can get a work permit then I can start working finally (never thought I would miss working, traveling sure does change a girl), and hopefully make some money!

A cute sister and I. 

This past weekend was my congregations Kongress, or assembly weekend. Although the entire assembly was in Deutsch I was able to pull some encouraging scriptures from the talks. Trying not to be overrun by the large two-decker bus labeled “Anxiety” has been a trying task. But this scripture really encouraged me at the time. (The picture above was taken a few streets down from the Assembly Hall, it was taken for memories sake & for the pretty flowers) >.<

“For it is you who light my lamp, O Jehovah, My God who lights up my darkness. With your help I can charge against a marauder band; By God’s power I can scale a wall.” -Psalms 18:28,29

That’s all I have for my latest update, I hope your service week remains fruitful & eventful!



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