5 Reasons I Almost Didn’t Move

For any dream to become a reality, there must be a clear cut plan of action. Jehovah doesn’t bless desires; He blesses plans. (I stole that one from an elder, good one, right?) –Proverbs 21:5

May 2018 my mother and I decided to move to Germany. We were scheduled to leave September 5th of 2018. That gave us 4 months to pull a monkey out of a hat and call it a learning experience…

Basically, that didn’t work out how we planned BUT we made it…

Here’s how… *cue daunting music*

Well, actually I’m gonna tell you about the 5 mountains we climbed and conquered.

An unfortunate feature of this world is that times and unforeseen occurrences are a part of your everyday life. -Eccl. 9:11

What does that mean exactly?

5 things:

  1. Construction
  2. Not selling the house
  3. Selling the house
  4. Financial troubles
  5. Abbey’s accident


~13 weeks before the big move~

Mom and I woke up one morning to discover that the family room was having a midlife crisis. In other words, its water broke. After multiple consultations, we soon learned that a pipe had burst. Needless to say, the entire floor had to be ripped up and put anew.

Perfect timing, I can hear you say. I did say time and unforeseen occurrences, didn’t I?

So there went two weeks of my life worrying and being in angst about how we would be able to fund this major project. We hadn’t decided yet whether to sell or rent the house. This did not aid the decision-making process. But we have a perfect God whose memory is the epitome of “on point”.


Because He didn’t forget His humble servants. We managed to scrounge up the money needed for the new flooring. And it didn’t even come from our pocket! Hallelujah! –Matthew 6:27, Philippians 4:6,7

Selling the house

~2 months until the departure date~

My mother and I came to the conclusion that financially it would be in our best interest to sell our house. And since time was short we had to pack the entire house up as soon as possible to get it ready for the market.

It was difficult, to say the least. Labor intensive and a dizzying amount of packing had to be done. 20 years worth of things were to be taken to the storage company. I want you to try and picture that… I think its a full picture. 😉

There were so many moments where my mother and at looked at each other and then looked at the amount of work that lay ahead of us. With a shake of our heads, and an incredulous laugh we would say “There is no way we can do all of this by ourselves.”

Despite our lack of confidence in ourselves, I was reminded once again that you don’t need a man to get work done. Quite often when faced with heavy labor my mind would quickly flash to the pictures of young men I know who would be able to do this heavy lifting. But like I said… by hook or by crook Mom and I managed. #empowering #FlowerPower

We did get help at times with heavy lifting, but other times we did it ourselves. And we got everything signed, sealed and delivered to the storage company, more or less on time!

Then the house was staged. It looked marvelous by the way, I didn’t even know it could look like that. Amazing how less crap can spruce up a room.

Not selling the house

~2 months until the departure date~

But the market wasn’t biting. Although everything was beautifully staged and our house was, without a doubt, a catch. The fish simply weren’t interested. Which happens at times, no one is at fault. Except for the people who didn’t want to buy my house. They must have left their good sense at home. I’m kidding. Partially.

It did set us back though because then we had one month to find someone willing to rent our house.  

But one month, to our God is like a blink of an eye. So within a week, we found a local sister who needed a home. And our house fit all her requirements. Near to transportation, not far from a local Kingdom Hall, and a place that is okay with dogs. She has two, and guess what… so do we! And a huge yard for them to claim as their own. Personally, I think the best part is that her family is in the same congregation. It couldn’t have worked out better. Well I mean unless she had a cousin who was a smoking hot pioneer, with goals of going to SKE school who was single and moving to Germany… Anyways that was not the point of this post so let’s continue.

Financial Troubles

~1 month to departure date~

So a crucial part of saving up money is… Well you know having money to save.

My mother wasn’t working at the time because she had a lot of work to do to prepare for the trip, so we were depending on an unnamed source of income and my income…

This segment won’t be long because I’m not entirely sure how we managed financially… I will say this though, we tried our best and really tried to leave things in Jehovah’s hands.

When we first started making our plans to move I imagined us running until the last minute trying to get everything done on time, finally getting on the plane, sitting down, heaving a sigh of relief and looking at each other like, “HOW DID WE MAKE IT?!!! WE DID IT! oMG, We DId IT?!!?!” And that’s pretty much exactly how it happened.

I didn’t keep track of all the times that we needed money over those 4 months of preparation and didn’t have it. But I do know we always met every financial deadline no matter how last minute. It was such a remarkable experience now to reflect on it, being poor is kinda like having a speed dial to Jehovah’s Holy Spirit… Cause he’s always there to give you EXACTLY what you need.

Jesus wasn’t playing when he said the words contained in Luke 6: 24, 25.

I’ve always found I’m happier and closer to God when I have less money in my pocket and my circumstances are dire.

Also, my car insurance sucked. Just gonna add that in for good measure and for years down the line when I need to look back and read these to reflect on how Jehovah sustained me in the past. He sustained me through sucky car insurance. My go-to Agent. God.

Abbeys accident

~2 weeks & 6 days before the departure date~

If you don’t know who Abbey is, her full name is Abbey May Khogman. I agree it flows quite well.

She is a Chihuahua Shih Tzu, my daughter. One of two of my children… And yes I am a #DogMom #Proud

August 16th my baby was attacked by a pit bull.

It was a horrifying and jarring experience. Not to mention how close we were to leaving… 

My dogs are already sensitive to motion sickness… Now Abbey was traumatized and had a broken jaw and multiple puncture wounds. Not to mention my other little puppy was already a traumatized dog before the accident. During the accident, she also got chased, but was unharmed, by the pitbull. So this really set her back in her recovery to stable mental dog health…

Will she have a panic attack on the plane? What if she has a seizure because of the pain and sleep medication but there’s no vet on board? What if her jaw is bugging her during the flight and I can’t comfort her because she must remain under the chair for all 11 hours of the flight?

Questions and worries like these were constantly running through my mind, not to mention that we had work that had yet to be finished.. And I was traumatized. I couldn’t leave my room for the first week. Up until we left we all had a hard time leaving the place where we were staying to go even to the car because it was the scene of the accident. We constantly felt like a cat with its hair raised.

I know what you’re thinking… That’s a lie but I needed a segway into the sunshiney part of this segment… How did we get through it?


The entire flight, the dogs never made a single sound. And that’s very unlike my spoiled dogs. They didn’t poop in their crate, scratch at their crate or show any frustration. It was as though something just came over them and gave them a sense of peace. That really helped Mom and I.

I have a back and neck injury from a car accident, so I was very much uncomfortable and in pain during the flight. The fact that the dogs weren’t giving me a hard time, and were content was such a help. I hope this doesn’t like complaining but I’m merely stating facts. We were yet again sustained…

So the point of all of this…

Whatever situation you may be in, my dear reader/Future Emma, don’t feel alone. Because you’re not. There is someone who sees everything you’re going through. I’m tearing up as I type this because I sincerely want you to know you’re cared for. There is a being out there who wants the best for you and wants you to endure whatever it is that is in your way. You may not always feel capable, you may not always see how things will work out. But remember you’re a mouse in a field. What you see is very limited. But Jehovah… Jehovah is that eagle soaring high in the sky, he is able to see things that you have no clue are there. He sees routes you didn’t even think possible. The best part? Jehovah has the power to ensure that anything you’re going through.. You’re able to endure it. He hasn’t given you something you’re incapable of handling. If you don’t believe in yourself.. That’s understandable. You’re human, imperfect. But believe in God. He’s perfect. He knows what he’s talking about.

Like always, thank you for reading. I value you and our relationship. If you ever need someone to talk to, please feel free to see me as a resource. Just hit that contact button up top, my friend.. Until next time.

P.S. Here’s a really cool article to read if you’re experiencing a hard time in this chapter of your life.


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